DeskBell Chain

Blockchain platform of the hotel and tourism industry

ICO will end in march 31, 2019

What is DeskBell Chain?

DeskBell — is a project of the blockchain platform in the field of hotel and local businesses for implementation of flexible mechanisms of marketing and socialization of services. DeskBell Chain is created on the basis of a working project DeskBell that has no analogues in the world.

Global marketplace

Commercial offers in the right place at the right time


Centralized management of reference information, announcements and proposals about hotels and business

Lowering of costs

Exchange of offers with partners with turnover of DBT tokens

The use of cryptocurrency in reality

Payment for goods and services in the network of partners DeskBell Chain

Reward system

Tokens reward for performing of actions in marketing and social programs

Variety of opportunities

Development of marketing programs of any complexity, creating flexible mechanisms for involving clients in the promotion of your services

ICO roadmap

We want our ideas to be implemented into reality and for this reason we are launching an ICO. We decided to implement a working version of the platform, MVP with further integration into the business process during the token sale.


At the first stage, we prepare DeskBell application interface for DeskBell Chain integration on our own, and we also work on the Material Design;

Implementation of the blockchain

Next, we create a minimal working version of the platform (MVP) DeskBell Chain, with the opportunity to exchange announcements, events and rewards for participating in them;

Сommercial integration

With the successful gathering of the minimum amount, we proceed to connect 1000 hotels for operation in our ecosystem.

Market analysis

In the hotel and tourism business there are many Internet systems in the field of booking, organizing tours and customer responding. Automation and mobilization in the hotel business are represented by own projects of large hotel chains or local commercial projects. At the same time, for small and medium hotels such developments are currently unavailable and economically unprofitable.
There are more than a million hotels and various locations in the world, 5% of which support their own mobile applications and developments being a part of large networked hotels.
The development potential of DeskBell Chain is practically unlimited

Interest of the hotels in the mobile service*

Readiness to implement third-party software
In constant contact with the clients
Sale of advertising and services
Maintaining up-to-date information
Replacement of printed matter

About DeskBell

Our team developed a prototype of mobile service and DeskBell reference tool, that uses the capabilities of smartphones and geolocation. The blockchain platform will be based on DeskBell.


DeskBell is a technological complex for the hotel industry, including mobile and web applications, as well as server capacity. DeskBell has been developing for more than three years, has been tested and practiced in a number of hotels in the world, the database covers more than a million hotels and hotels.

DeskBell is a working technological solution: web service for hotels and mobile applications accessible for iOS and Android:

ICO information

The token sale is carried out in different crypto currencies, however the price of the token and calculations are conducted in US dollars at the exchange rate at the time of sale. ICO is conducted by CONSTANTA INVESTMENTS OÜ in accordance with the laws of Estonia and the EU in the field of regulation of the issuance and turnover of crypto currencies. Please find below the detailed information


Start date: 05.21

End date: 11.01

Token price: $0.5

Soft cap: $700 000

Hard cap: $6 000 000


10 - 5 000 DBT: 0%

5 000 - 10 000 DBT: 2.5%

10 000 - 50 000 DBT: 5%

50 000 - 100 000 DBT: 7.5%

100 000+ DBT: 10%


Bitcoin: (BTC)

Ethereum: (ETH)

Bitcoin Cash: (BCH)

Litecoin: (LTC)

Ethereum Classic: (ETC)

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What is DeskBell Chain for?

DeskBell Chain is useful for different groups of customer service.

For businesses it is an opportunity to increase sales conversion, automate interaction with customers through marketing programs, cut advertising costs and build relationships with partners.

For users and tourists it is an opportunity to receive rewards for trivial or useful targeted actions, the possibility of motivating participation in the promotion of services, products and in the socialization of the service.

How the investments are protected?

The sale is carried out by CONSTANTA INVESTMENTS OÜ, registered in Estonia. The company assumes legal obligations to fulfill the terms of the sale. All warranties and conditions are available and can be found on the website.

What are the advantages for investors?

In the process of the sale investors receive a bonus, depending on the amount of purchase.

Can I sell the tokens directly, without registering at the exchange market?

DBT, DeskBell Token is an ERC20-compatible token, and therefore tokens can be transferred to any standard, ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

How is DBT token can be used?

The token can be used for DeskBell Chain services usage; paying for goods and services of any partner of DeskBell Chain ecosystem; for sale to the hotels or local business in DeskBell.

Who are DeskBell competitors?

DeskBell Chain does not have direct competitors that solve the same range of tasks. However, there are several commercial mobile applications that work with hotels individually; large hotel chains have their own developments. There are also some ICOs and blockchain projects in this sphere.

How to become a partner?

For all suggestions, please, write at

DeskBell Chain Team

Our team has been working together several years. By our own efforts, we developed DeskBell project and Implemented DeskBell Chain without significant changes in the team.

Dmitry Finogeev

Ambassador and CEO of DeskBell

Serj Ivanov

CEO of DeskBell Chain

Jonathan Fianu

EMEA Director at PredictX delivering Machine Learning and AI solutions to global companies. Adviser.

Will Bryant

Adviser. Director of Global Platform Solutions at American Express.

Peter S. Kinjap

Adviser. Tourism & Hospitality, Howarig Trade Project, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific

Benedict O’Leary

Accommodation and travel expert with more than 15 years of experience, including experience in Adviser.

Miikka Saloseutu

Miikka is our strategic marketing advisor. He is also an ICO Bench ranked advisor. He is a founder of and websites.

Andrei Karachkin

Chief Technology Officer

Gennady Smagin

Engineering Team Lead

Sergey Fedorov

Chief Visionary Officer

Alexey Ovchinnikov

Service Integration Owner, Customer Service

Nadezhda Kurtikova

Community curator

Our blog

Throughout the ICO, we will develop a working prototype of DeskBell Chain, and keep the community up to date on developments publishing important news in this blog:

2018/11/01 Dear community! The ICO is entering the second stage until the 31st of March 2019; We begin implementing DeskBell Chain into hotels immediately, regardless the budget, to launch and test a real business model. For details, see our Medium

2018/10/01 On the 30th of September in Dubai, OAE took place a special blockchain technology conference. Dubai is famous for its investments and innovation. Read more in DeskBell blog

2018/09/24 We’re sorry for the long silence. We were busy with the tech development of the project, and as a result, preparing for the upcoming cycle of step-by-step DeskBell Chain releases, according to the roadmap during ICO.

Contact Us


: Narva mnt, 7-634, Tallinn, Estonia

You are welcome to business proposal at You can also send your questions or leave comments by filling out the feedback form.