Free Hotel Operating System

Our mission is to create a standard informational system in the tourism and hotel industry, on maximum accessibility of the project for business clients and users, based on flexible monetization mechanisms.

Booking and checking-in control

Housekeeping, staff work management

Loyalty programs and pricing, guest preferences tracking

Statistics and reports

Guest directory and chat

Guest services, events and offers

About DeskBell

Our team developed a prototype of mobile service and DeskBell reference tool, that uses the capabilities of smartphones and geolocation.


DeskBell is a technological complex for the hotel industry, including mobile and web applications, as well as server capacity. DeskBell has been developing for more than three years, our ideas and technologies has been tested and practiced in a number of hotels in the world.

DeskBell is a working technological solution: web service for hotels and mobile applications accessible for iOS and Android:

Our blog

2019/02/19 Hello everyone! During ICO we discovered many new technologies and perspectives. We designed an innovative technology for creating new marketing tools, based on blockchain technology, geographical location and mutual motivation. Following our roadmap, we created MVP as soon as possible and ran a cha

2019/02/19 Throughout the year, we've spent many resources to study blockchain technology and, according to the roadmap, prepared a monetization system prototype within the flexible marketing tools project of DeskBell Chain... read more in our blog

2018/11/01 Dear community! The ICO is entering the second stage until the 31st of March 2019; We begin implementing DeskBell Chain into hotels immediately, regardless the budget, to launch and test a real business model. For details, see our Medium

DeskBell Team

Our team has been working together several years without significant changes in the team.

Dmitry Finogeev

DeskBell founder and CEO

Andrei Karachkin

Chief Technology Officer

Gennady Smagin

Engineering Team Lead

Sergey Fedorov

Chief Visionary Officer

Alexey Ovchinnikov

Service Integration Owner, Customer Service

Nadezhda Kurtikova

Community curator

Market analysis

In the hotel and tourism business there are many Internet systems in the field of booking, organizing tours and customer responding. Automation and mobilization in the hotel business are represented by own projects of large hotel chains or local commercial projects. At the same time, for small and medium hotels such developments are currently unavailable and economically unprofitable.
There are more than a million hotels and various locations in the world, 5% of which support their own mobile applications and developments being a part of large networked hotels.
The development potential of DeskBell is practically unlimited

Interest of the hotels in the mobile service*

Readiness to implement third-party software
In constant contact with the clients
Sale of advertising and services
Maintaining up-to-date information
Replacement of printed matter