Free Hotel Operating System

Our mission is to create a standard informational system in the tourism and hotel industry, on maximum accessibility of the project for business clients and users, based on flexible monetization mechanisms.

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DeskBell is a startup, based in Europe and Russia. We develop a free cloud solution for hotel business-processes automation. DeskBell service also develops an informational app for hotel guests, with an option of hotel services integration.We need your professional opinion,which would help us to improve the quality of our services. It is likely you may get interested in DeskBell in the future, so helping us, you will help yourself.We would really appreciate if you'll devote a little of your time to take this survey.

All your answers are private and confidential, and will be used only anonymously and statistically for internal analysis, for quality improvement of the software catering for hotel needs.

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Attention please! The survey answers will remain anonymous and are not tied to contact information. Contact information will not be used for commercial or marketing purposes, but necessary for potential random survey validation.

Which software is used in your hotel?

Optionally, give examples of the software used in hotel

Optionally, give examples of the software used in hotel

What issues in the systems you use can you highlight?

Which solution would you prefer?

Would you like to use a free PMS system?

Do you think it is necessary to use mobile technology and mobile apps for guest access to hotel services,which also provide information?

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